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This is the entrance to Shawneeland located in Frederick County, Virginia. The first building on the left is the historic Clowser House.

Clowser House

A photograph of the House circa 1935


A view of Wolf Spring Run, the mill house and the Clowser House.


A snowy winter day on North Mountain.

Spring 2017

A photo from our June 3rd Memorial Service.

Fundraising Print

Done by artist Michael Martin and available for purchase. Each are numbered and signed.

Our Mission

Our first goal is to raise funds to ensure the Clowser House will continue to stand for future generations. The House is currently in need of repair to the rear wall as well as other maintenance items. Fundraising activities will be held to help cover the cost of these repairs. At some point the Foundation hopes to use the home for educational purposes. Few people know that the area surrounding the house is a registered archaeological site dating back 10,000 years or that artifacts from both Union and Confederate soldiers from the Civil War have been found here. Without the pioneering families that faced many hardships and dangers to settle this part of western Frederick County the area could have been very different. Should the Clowser, Keckley or Rosenberger families been wiped out during the 1764 Indian Raid many other families in the area may not exist. We hope to not only preserve the Clowser family history but also the history of their fellow settlers that allowed Frederick County, Virginia to become what it is today.
In the future we at the Foundation hope to have raised enough funds to not only keep the Clowser House standing for many more centuries but to help others save endangered structures  with the monies and knowledge we have gained through this lengthy process. 


This area will contain any future fundraising event


Anyone interested in volunteering for either fundraising events or "clean up" activities at the house please email us at


  • Larry Allen Clowser Webb
    A Clowser descendant 
  • James M. Clowser Jr.
    Vice President
    Direct descendant of Heinrich Clowser
  • Jessica Willis Clowser
    New Jersey native married to James Clowser Jr.
  • Roger Lamborne
    Board Member
    Son of Shawneeland developer Don Lamborne

  • Patsy Gochenour
    Board Member
    Retired education specialist and avid historian
  • Bob Stieg
    Board Member
    CEO of the Clermont Foundation
  • George Schember
    Board Member
    Winchester Frederick County Historical Society
  • Kimberlee Midtgard


Please contact us with any questions or comments!

Where to find us
152 Tomahawk Trail
Winchester, Virginia 22602

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